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Pre-World War I Era in Europe: Interactive Map
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(Entire History of Europe: Interactive Map)  

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Comments (11)

what was the racial make up of preworld europe?
please answer it
#1 - kay - 03/06/2012 - 15:37
#2 - me - 09/05/2012 - 22:30
Serbia was not liberated by Austria but by Serbs themselfs during Serbian revolution of 1804-1817 when it became principaty within Otoman Turkey semi independent. And in 1878 it was recognized in Berlin congress.
And to the one asking about race it was about the same as today except there are almost no Turks.
#3 - Just me - 08/04/2013 - 03:07
This is a very biased description of European history. For example, what is the statement about Germany being a more brutal colonial power than e.g. U.K., France and Belgium based on? Old British/American school books? Lol.
#4 - melker - 09/25/2013 - 01:21
It is hardly fair to make any kind of comment about Europe, or indeed any other continent within just a few sentences, unless you are the type of person who requires a 'back of the postcard' response. I would think that the best approach would be to read as many books as possible about the subject which is pertinent to your interest. Should this be too detailed for you, I suggest you read some history review magazines or literary reviews, e.g. London Review of Books, Times Literary Supplement. I'm sure if you have anything about you, you'll be quite capable of doing your own research. Check your local library or newsagents otherwise. Put some key search terms into the internet although do be aware that these may not have been peer reviewed and that postings may not have been validated by people with appropriate academic qualifications.
#5 - Dagleish - 04/04/2014 - 15:22
#6 - Bob - 05/06/2014 - 21:28
wikianswers more legit than this. 99.983948% fake. i come up with better answer im only 12 lolz rofls.
#7 - fully sik kid - 05/06/2014 - 21:30
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#8 - omar taleb - 05/06/2014 - 21:31
all trolls because you don't need an account.
#9 - Me - 08/27/2014 - 21:42
#10 - hatter - 09/23/2014 - 11:39
all you 12 year old obese kids need to shut up
#11 - brah - 10/27/2014 - 11:35
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