Kibo Code Review – Is Kibo Code Course Worth The Money?

Welcome to Kibo Code review. The Kibo Code is a well-known successful online program to make more money through e-commerce sites. The updated version of the program is yet to hit the market. This Kibo Code Review is a pre-launch review of the Kibo Code product expectations and the changes included in the already existing version of the program. The Kibo Code program is well known for its successful strategical approach for making easy money online.

Kibo Code review

Course Title

Kibo Code


Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton

Course Content

Unique eCommerce Training

Course Duration

Not yet announced

Launch Date

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Course Fee

$3497 (Instalment option available)

Payment Methods

PayPal, Bank Transfer


Basic Computer skills, Good Internet connection

Expert Rating

Kibo Code Review - Easy Course For Newbies?

Having several positive online Kibo Code reviews the program drives to know more about this program. The comeback of the program with exclusive bonuses and offers makes the online money yielder's attention turns towards it. The Kibo Code program review aims to give a clear heads-up about what to expect in this new version and how it is going to be a successful approach in the online money making market.

About Kibo Code Training Program

Kibo code is the online e-commerce training program, which makes you earn money without e-commerce sites like Amazon or Flipkart, without products or inventory. The Kibo code program has been in the top position among several affiliate training programs since 2013. Every year the course gets updated with additional features and bonuses benefiting the customers in a better way.

According to Kibo Code review, this program helped several people around the world in a short span.The course creators are Aidan Booth, a successful online money maker and Steve Clayton, a former CEO of fortune 500 companies. Both have made 7 figure earnings through online money making techniques.

If you are an online money maker like me, who scaled various levels of earning without any knowledge about how to take the next step, Programs like Kibo Code is what you miss. When I came across the course, I noticed that the program easily splits the process in modules, and make it super easy for newbies to follow. It took several months for me to know the key to further steps, but the program allows you to learn in a few modules. It's no joke that you will save lots of money, unlike me, who lost more bucks by investing and learning.

The course teaches shortcuts and strategical approaches to make more money online based on the current trends in Internet marketing and SEO techniques. You may wonder, what is the need for a Pre-launch Kibo Code review? The program is available only in Live. It is 8 weeks program, requires full attention and attendance to master in Affiliate marketing. The unique and predictable tactics that the program teaches make eCommerce earning simple.

As per  Kibo Code review unlike the other e-commerce training programs, which have only basic steps on setting up the systems, the Kibo code course updates the training based on market trends. It is a simple and unique training method in the market that has predictable profit levels.

Why Should You Enrol in Kibo Code Course?

Kibo Code by Aidan and Steve has been leading in the eCommerce business and made over 40 million dollars so far. The program takes only 24 - 48 hours altogether to set up. Once the set up is done, the earnings peak up in an e-commerce site by just following three to 4 simple steps daily.

You are not left alone by just explaining the setup and access. The system has several software tools. You can access the tools and get the best out of it, starting from choosing an apt domain name to a list of products that are well sold in the market.

As mentioned earlier in the Kibo Code review, unlike the other e-commerce earning programs, the Kibo Code course never focuses on the niche, but the products. The templates are readily available for you to customize in as short as 60 seconds. People need not be an expert to handle the designing part. You can automatically load up the sites with profitable products. The software handles the selection part. People need not crack up their heads to choose the products.

The course does not leave you after setting up the software suitable for earning. It holds up your hand until you can handle things like customizing the set up on your own, optimizing the page with fast-moving products, support group often motivating and sharing the ways to earn more.

 Kibo Code review says no Amazon, Facebook, costly product listings, Inventory, and No direct dealing with customers involved. You earn the commissions automatically when a buyer gets the product from the seller.

What is Included in Kibo Code Course?

Even if the people who have no idea about earning money through an e-commerce site, the Kibo Code Course offers complete training to them through the module-based training. The beginners get full-fledged training through 6 modules.

Kibo Code Course Modules


Module 1

Module 1 is a head-start in the Kibo code program which explains in detail about the Affiliate Marketing, and what the sales funnel is, and how a person can earn through Affiliate Marketing with zero experience in hand. By using the sales funnel increasing the profit, and optimizing the sales often to increase the sales and profit.


Module 2

This module teaches how to increase the traffic employing Social media. Creating attractive ads for focusing on the targeted audience through social media is taught clear in this module. You can increase sales by being active in social media. The tools intended for social media updates and knowledge about it can help you lead in the e-commerce business better.


Module 3

Kibo Code review states that this Module has exclusive training on handling the reports. Generating, maintaining, and analyzing the sales report helps a business to move to the next level. The report analysis helps to identify the steps to be taken or steps to be avoided to increase sales.


Module 4

This Module training is dedicated to Advertisement. Creating an attractive ad is as important as choosing the products for the storefront. The attractive ad towards a targeted audience can help you to have a Successful storefront.


Module 5

No audience who visits the store is not going to be a customer of your products. By constantly engaging the audience through attractive mails and offers, you can pull the audience to your store, again and again, and make them buy a product. This Module teaches on how to engage the audience and make them a potential customer.


Module 6

Bidding comes into a picture while choosing a product for your storefront. The people who don't even know about basic marketing also can understand the bidding process easily. The course is good enough to convert a normal bidder to a professional bidder.

Who is Behind Kibo Code?

Kibo Code review will be incomplete without mentioning about the creators. The Kibo Code program creators are Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

Aidan Booth had accidentally pitched into the e-commerce business zone. From the year of 2004, he has been following various paid methods and Google Ads for increasing the traffic in Affiliate marketing. From the year 2005, he turned the head towards e-commerce and Google trafficking to increase sales.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton is a former CEO of one among fortune 500 companies. He is a well-known person for planning solutions. Both Steve and Aidan together developed the system to help the people around the world to earn easy money through e-Commerce sites. Since 2013, the Kibo Code Course helped many people, and it has the potentials to make a person earn up to 7 figure money.

Kibo Code Launch Date

Every year Kibo Code course by Steve and Aidan gets launched at January end. Prelaunch is scheduled for 22 January 2020. We can expect the 8 weeks Kibo Code course cart opens by 28th January 2020.


Pros and Cons of the Kibo Code Course

The Kibo Code Reviews around the Internet almost says similar feedback about the course, because, people who have only attended the live course can understand the course. Many reviewers have concluded that the Kibo code as a Hoax, Those reviews point out another affiliate marketing method, those reviews may not be a genuine one.

This Kibo code review written after attending the program has listed out the pros and cons carefully, to help the readers to choose or avoid the program. Based on the pros and cons, we leave the decision up to you.


  • The only program that includes new features every year based on the current market trend.
  • There is no cost involved in using the software explained in the program.
  • There is no need to spend any extra penny after enrolling in the program.
  • Easy to learn the program. You need not be an experience in the e-commerce market to learn it. The course teaches basics to in-depth marketing strategies that anyone can understand.
  • The software used in the program is easy to understand and use.
  • You get to join the support group. In the support group, experts are available to clear your doubts.
  • It is a proven method for earning money online. Many students of Aidan and Steve's Kibo Code program have made millions of turn over by following these methods.
  • Many Affiliate marketing course offers training for two to four days and bids goodbye. Unlike those short programs, the Kibo Code program provides detailed classes in each module and makes sure that you are clear with the concepts. The course period extends up to 8 weeks.


These are limitations of the program, but when you make yourself available during the program, you can experience only pros and no cons.

Who should try the Kibo Code?

  • People who have built a business online and want to succeed in it.
  • People who are looking to earn money online and to work from home.
  • People who want to know the technical aspects behind the successful online businesses.
  • People who don't want to build a business with inventory.

Kibo Code Student Reviews

Several students around several countries got benefited through the Kibo Code program. As I have gone through the Kibo code program, I attempted to collect some  Kibo Code reviews through reliable persons before enrolling in the program.

Reviews of Adam Waterman, a full-time Internet marketer, who entered the program in 2018, gave Kibo Code review, that changed my carrier completely. I enrolled in 2019; the knowledge and tricks involved in the Internet marketing that I learned through this program help me to survive in the online money-making business. The only program where I was able to fetch back triple the time that I invested for a course in just a month.

Kibo Code Bonuses

Kibo Code Bonuses are awesome Bonuses that give you helping hand in need.
  • There are live sessions to interact with the creators of the Kibo code program. You get to talk with Aidan and Steve to clear your doubts.
  • Kibo Code review states that you get access to the closed group on Facebook with other customers of the Kibo code Program. Where you can share your thoughts, get help and ideas from the peer group.
  • Every Wednesday at 5.30 pm you can talk to the product manufacturers regarding the software, set up, technical issues if you are facing any with the system.
  • SEO cookbook helps you to optimize your website based on the SEO strategies and to pull your site at the position.
  • Hacks to pull your product listings at the top in Amazon. This book shows the tricks to pull the products at the top without paying to Amazon

Kibo Code Price & Plans

The Kibo Code price is $3497. When you get other persons to enroll with you, the price reduces to half or you get a commission of 50%. So the course value will be just $1750 when you enroll with your friend.

For every leads during prelaunch, you receive $2 per lead.

If you are interested in enrolling now, go to the Kibo Code website to register.

Kibo Code Review Conclusion

From the other Kibo code reviews collected from the students and my personnel experience in online marketing with the Kibo code course, there is no other better course available in the market to take the word back from us. 

Compared to other courses the Kibo Code price can be more expensive, but the other programs have hidden charges like charges to use the software. And, no other program gives returns as good as Kibo code does. Being an online marketer for several years and losing a lot of money in such courses, the only course I could bravely suggest to anyone is Kibo Code Course. According to this Kibo Code review, you are lucky, that you need not work your butt off to learn most of the process as I did before 3 years.

Considering all the benefits through the program and comparing it with other programs in the market, the Kibo Code Review Concludes that the program is worth the price and as a genuine program to follow.


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